Why no goals is the ultimate 2018 goal


We might already be reaching the end of January, but it’s never too late to join the New Year resolution trend, right? Better late to the party than missing it entirely!

I guess it took me some time to figure out what I want out of 2018. I’m a travel writer, so more travel is an obvious one but what else should I focus on? Should we even be looking at making massive changes or should we be reaching a time when we learn to accept ourselves?

New Year’s day 2018 was overflowing with resolutions and negative look backs on 2017. But when I sat down to think about how 2017 affected me personally, was it really all THAT bad?

It was by no means an easy year for me. I spent most of it living out of a suitcase and sleeping in countless different beds – work not pleasure before you ask. I moved house five times in the space of ten months, spent the first six months of the year like a hermit, dedicated to a marketing course and freelance writing to pay the bills. If I had to use one word to sum up 2017 it would be uncomfortable. But is uncomfortable always bad?

The ‘stress’ forced me out my comfort zone and as a result I lived one of my most exciting years yet, with no set plans or goals in place!


It’s so easy to rely on others, be it your parents, friends or a boyfriend. In the past, I’d always been taken care of, even sharing a room until the age of 25, either with my little sister or a boyfriend. 2017 marked the year I stood on my own. I learnt to not only live by myself, in a new country where I knew no one, but to love the experience too!   


Moving countries meant lots of new faces. From my après ski buddies to some pretty awesome colleagues and travel friends, I met some amazing people from all walks of life.
I also reconnected with my English Lit gal Yasmin, much to the disapproval of our Uni lecturer whose lecturing wasn't just of the academic kind. Apparently Yas and myself were far too interested in fashion and boys to pass our degrees – I’ll leave it up to you to guess which was which.
We were brought together by our love for all things Rocky - despite my height advantage she can still beat me at sparring - and we bonded over a love of travel and obviously fashion and boys - sorry Liz! Along with writer Jen, the Carrie of the group, we booked a number of trips to see us through 2017 and celebrate each of us turning the big 26 in style!



Not only did I move house numerous times in 2017 but I also moved countries. I’d lived in Ukraine before with friends, but this was the first time I had moved alone for myself.

Despite having a large expat family, and friends in various countries, I decided on moving for a job opportunity in a place I knew no one and had only once passed through before. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t a fair few tears the first month away (I’ve always been a little dramatic), but it has turned out to be one of the most developmental moves of my life and one that has only got me keen to plan more exciting, perhaps more exotic, moves in the future.


I’ve always been sporty but I had never particularly enjoyed running for pleasure – I blame those heavy dancer legs. Running just wasn’t my thing, until 2017.

I went from managing to run 10km to pushing it to 20km and counting. Here’s to finally getting around to running my first marathon.


I’m definitely more of a playful type than a focused academic. I did well at school but it was utter torture forcing myself to sit down for hours at a time to revise - I prefer to be on the move. That’s why I was pretty happy (and shocked) with myself in 2017, when I managed to dedicate a whole six months to a marketing course with Google. As a result I was headhunted by my current company and made a move into travel content marketing – I guess zero sleep and no social life really can pay off!  



Though I doubt I’ll ever be 100% confident with my body, 2017 marked the year I slowly began to embrace it. I surrounded myself with positive friends - yes, a shot of tequila for every time you self-hate does work Yasmin! And I even managed to get down to my underwear for a photoshoot for an ethical underwear brand.

For someone who has battled with food for years and was a stone underweight throughout college, it felt pretty liberating! Yes I am perhaps a little bony in parts and other parts wobble (cheers for the thighs Pa), but 2017 marked the year I finally learnt to accept myself a little more and throw away the scales!        

So there you go, despite not setting goals and at parts having little or no direction, 2017 didn't turn out too bad.

I figure the fewer goals I have in 2018 the more I’ll be open to new experiences. Who knows maybe a move to Madagascar is on the cards or I’ll fall madly in love with a hot drifter and chase him to Guatemala - if he’s wearing flannel and has a beard he’s in with a shot.

Here’s to saying no to resolutions in 2018, eating that cake and above all being open to new experiences. As my main gal Jane Birkin said, “Who wants an easy life? It’s boring!”.  

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