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7 things a summer in the Carpathian Mountains taught me


How to survive your first month abroad, because it's not as easy as it looks

What had I done? I couldn’t have felt more out of place. I looked more Eliza Thornberry than haute couture - even my naturally unruly curly hair stood out.


10 findings from 10 days in India

Unlike my supermodel alter ego Rachelle, I love food and was happy to indulge while away. My ten days were spent in a happy food coma, stocked up on chai tea, freshly made naan and of course local spicy delicacies.

Why I'm saying no to resolutions in 2018

Here’s to saying no to resolutions in 2018, eating that cake and above all being open to new experiences. As my main gal Jane Birkin said, “Who wants an easy life? It’s boring!”.  

All the gear and no idea is a thing...

I began my first day skiing with a guy complimenting me on my outfit before asking me about my ski technique, to which I mumbled “I’m a beginner”. His quick exit and my evident naivety should have foretold the rest of the day’s events.